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We provide:
Accommodations; Ski&Snowboard Lesson;
Ski Bag Storage; Wednesday Cooking Class;
HK Bubble Waffle
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We are friendly skiers and snowboarders;  we think what you think.



Instructor Booking Service


KEE Lodge Hakuba

We are located in Echoland, the best location in Hakuba.  Base camp [shuttle bus stop], convenience store, many famous restaurants, cafe and bar are around the corner.  

Our cozy lodge is conveniently located in the heart of Echoland, just a short walk away from some of Hakuba’s most popular nightlife, fine dining, and shopping experiences.  We’re also only steps away from a shuttle bus station, which offers free services to all of our 9 local ski resorts.

We are keeping the Japanese spirit: place is clean and staff is friendly.  Japanese, Hong Kong, Western style delicious cuisine can be ordered in advance.

You can also try Hong Kong traditional famous snacks [egg bubble waffle] in our lodge.  Experience Japanese cooking class, join us on Wednesday night.

We speak fluent English, Cantonese, Putonghua and Japanese.

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Ski / Snowboard Instructor Booking

You can always do better with guiding by a professional instructor.  Explore your talent.  Aim higher, Go higher!  Play safe and fun!

If you’re interested in booking ski/snowboard lessons with instructors who speak Cantonese, Putonghua, or English, we are here to help!


Please fill in the form below and our staff will book your lessons, and help you get organized upon your arrival.

Please fill the below instructor booking form :

Heading 1

ski school snowboard school

ski school; snowboard school; 滑雪學校; 滑雪板學校; 滑雪課;  滑雪板課; ski bag storage; ski bag warehouse; ski bag coruier;

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ski school; snowboard school;

滑雪學校; 滑雪板學校; 滑雪課; 滑雪板課; 

ski bag storage; ski bag warehouse; ski bag coruier; snowboard bag storage; snowboard bag warehouse;

#滑雪 #滑雪教練 #香港滑雪教練 #廣東話滑雪教練 #單板滑雪 #雙板滑雪 #日本滑雪 #白馬 #五竜 #極限運動 #滑板
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Onsen / Hotspring
Near the lodge, there are 15 onsens/hotsprings for you to enjoy after skiing!  What a wonderful day!

D type 2.jpg

D Type: Deluxe Ensuite Room

B type 1.jpg

A Type: Luxury Capsule

A Type 3.jpg

B Type: Twin Room with Shared Bathroom


C Type: Twin Room with Bathroom

F: Fireplace 2 bedrooms private holiday home

Bunkbed room.jpeg

G: Big windows bunkbed room

滑雪; 滑雪板; 日本雪; 日本粉; 粉雪; 雪地偏遠地區; 樹上奔跑; 遊戲; 溫泉; 白馬; 長野滑雪場; 滑雪學校; 滑雪教練; 滑雪老師; 滑雪攝影師; 自由式滑雪; 跳台滑雪; 粵語滑雪教練; 中文滑雪教練



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